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Angela S. Hwang Mar 11, 2020 10:22:06 AM < 1 min read

Why Community- Focused Opportunity Funds Matter


Erik Hayden was recently selected by Forbes to be a member of Forbes Councils, an exclusive thought leadership forum in which selected members share their industry insights and expertise.

In fact, Forbes published his article titled “Community-First Opportunity Zones: How Everyone Can Win” in which he discusses: 

  • How the Opportunity Zone (“OZ”) Program revitalizes the local community while incentivizing investors 
  • Why local-focused developers and funds are key to making a positive economic impact for the community
  • What makes for successful, qualified OZ Funds

“For the OZ program to reach its full potential, everything should point back to the community. Local-focused developers and funds that benefit the community, as well as investors, are critical because positive local economic impact requires active fund involvement and participation within the OZ. A fund model spreading hundreds of millions of dollars across multiple, disparate OZs and lacking critical connections within the community simply won’t cut it. Development must meet the expectations and needs of the community and promise investor returns to fund well-conceived renovations and ground-up developments at scale. Bottom line: Both communities and investors must be rewarded.”  - Erik Hayden

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