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Erik Hayden

Responsible for developing more than $3.5 billion in real estate projects, including over 2,300 residential units in the California Bay Area, Mr. Hayden has experience in acquisition, contract negotiation, due diligence, risk assessment, financing, construction, and disposition of multifamily, single family and large mixed-use and master planned developments. He maintains relationships with a broad network of property owners, enabling him to identify and acquire prime investments. Mr. Hayden also has expertise in navigating projects through the entitlement process by working with elected officials, community groups, and political organizations to gain support and get projects approved.

Blog Post by Erik Hayden

Erik HaydenJun 25, 2024 2:22:24 PM6 min read

San Jose’s Bold Move to Revive Downtown Housing Development

San Jose is taking big steps to address a stagnant pipeline for housing tower development ...
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Erik HaydenMay 30, 2024 2:12:10 PM13 min read

San Jose Shines: Top Ranking in the 2024 Global Cities Index

Not only is San Jose ranked number one in our hearts, it has also garnered other notable ...
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Erik HaydenMay 30, 2024 11:59:07 AM16 min read

Inside the AI Revolution: How NVIDIA is Shaping Silicon Valley's Tomorrow

Forget the hype around Artificial Intelligence (AI); let's focus on the reality unfolding ...
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Erik HaydenApr 25, 2024 11:10:31 AM14 min read

Meeting the Demand: The Rise of Purpose-Built Student Housing

(Our Spartan Vista rendering near San Jose State University, highlighted in yellow) San ...
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Erik HaydenMar 20, 2024 12:57:55 PM13 min read

Celebrating Urban Catalyst's Achievements in Real Estate Development and Fund Management

In the changing world of real estate, Urban Catalyst combines the jobs of a fund manager ...
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Erik HaydenFeb 14, 2024 10:35:53 AM13 min read

Grand Opening of Urban Putt: A Landmark Moment for Our Tenant

In anticipation of the grand opening of Urban Putt, we couldn't resist immersing ...
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Erik HaydenJan 11, 2024 12:56:21 PM18 min read

Paseo 'Tenant Spotlight': Eos & Nyx

“I don’t think anything would ever be built like this nowadays” is how Dan Phan, co-owner ...
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Erik HaydenDec 21, 2023 12:09:21 PM15 min read

You have to do what’s right for the community, and that includes working with local government to sell one of our project sites

Here at Urban Catalyst, we’re equity fund managers and developers. In layman’s terms, we ...
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Erik HaydenDec 14, 2023 9:45:25 AM16 min read

San Jose’s hotel market is outperforming 2022 levels in many key metrics, a sign of recovery

In several key metrics, the San Jose metropolitan area’s hotel market is outperforming ...
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Erik HaydenDec 7, 2023 3:05:33 PM15 min read

San Jose senior housing: Plenty of untapped demand for new assisted living projects like ours

San Jose has a problem: Our existing stock of assisted living facilities includes many ...
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