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Urban Catalyst Blog

Are you ready to embark on a journey that combines your financial future and contributes to the growth of local communities? You're in the right place. The Urban Catalyst blog provides valuable insights, industry updates, and investment knowledge designed for those with portfolios looking to reduce capital gains taxes. For those looking for more information on Opportunity Zones, Delaware Statutory Trusts (DSTs), multifamily and commercial real estate investments, we are here for you. Whether you're new to these concepts or a seasoned investor, in our blog you can expect to see industry news, company news, investor spotlights, education opportunities and more. If this sounds like something that you want to know more about, subscribe to our blog today and embark on a financial path that has the potential to also benefit the communities that need it most.

Erik HaydenSep 14, 2023 2:30:32 PM15 min read

Google reaffirmed its commitment to san jose — and threw a block party to boot

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Erik HaydenSep 8, 2023 10:42:02 AM16 min read

San Jose has quietly become Silicon Valley’s all-around strongest multifamily submarket

California, mired in a decades-long housing crisis, is one of the world’s most expensive ...
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Erik HaydenAug 23, 2023 11:41:00 AM14 min read

We launched a new fund focused on the development of a multifamily project

We are excited to announce the launch of our newest fund, UC Multifamily Equity I LLC ...
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Erik HaydenAug 17, 2023 11:27:26 AM6 min read

Nasdaq 100’s special “rebalance” underlines Silicon Valley tech stocks’ impressive rebound

Tesla, Apple, Nvidia, Meta Platforms, Amazon, Microsoft, and Alphabet. Some call this ...
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Erik HaydenAug 3, 2023 11:43:40 AM7 min read

Silicon Valley’s latest job gains show we’re “poised for liftoff” as tech sector reverses downsizing

The word is out, and the numbers back it up: Silicon Valley’s tech sector is finding its ...
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Erik HaydenJul 18, 2023 2:54:44 PM7 min read

More people are working in our DST's home region, Dallas-Fort Worth, than ever before

Back in January, we expanded our fund offerings to include what I call a “turnkey ...
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Erik HaydenJul 11, 2023 3:59:59 PM8 min read

Paseo’s tenants are abuzz with construction activity

We’ve spent the past few years turning Downtown San Jose’s first movie theater into one ...
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Erik HaydenJun 27, 2023 4:58:06 PM7 min read

The "Gray Wave" Is Washing Up On Silicon Valley's Shores

The number of people over 60 years old in Santa Clara County, comprising most of Silicon ...
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Erik HaydenJun 22, 2023 1:27:33 PM5 min read

Check out a time-lapse video and photos of our hotel project’s construction

Construction of our 176-key Keystone project, Downtown San Jose’s first extended-stay ...
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Erik HaydenJun 15, 2023 2:31:05 PM8 min read

The return-to-office movement is surging as in-person work returns to the forefront

Since 2021, U.S. business sector productivity has experienced its sharpest decline on ...
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