Opportunity Zones: The Importance Of Local Expertise

by Morgan Bernardis, on Jul 17, 2019 4:28:55 PM


Urban Catalyst’s developer first approach and local expertise differentiates it from other opportunity zone funds. Some larger funds focus on raising money first, but then are left scrambling to find reputable developers to partner with in order to secure quality projects. Conversely, Urban Catalyst already has several trophy projects in its pipeline located in the downtown San Jose opportunity zone, and we are raising money to fund these projects. Our 125 combined years of experience developing in San Jose has allowed us to understand local processes and have close relationships with some of San Jose’s largest property owners, which in turn gives us access to the best projects in downtown San Jose.

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About Urban Catalyst

The first multi-asset Opportunity Fund in the Bay Area focusing in Downtown San Jose, California and employs a world-class team of experienced local professionals to build out impact investment opportunities—multi-family, office, and industrial investment projects—that advance and improve the community while earning investors advantageous financial returns.

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