Opportunity Zones: Community Impact

by Michael Hubert, on Jun 18, 2019 3:36:12 PM


San Jose, and downtown in particular, has everything the future workforce wants and it’s where people want to be, according to Urban Catalyst's COO, Joshua Burroughs.

Operating out of the historic Montgomery Theater downtown, Children’s Musical Theater (CMT)—probably the largest children’s theater in the US—lets everyone who auditions for a performance play a role. CMT impacts our young people by giving them confidence and the ability to grow personally through music. 

San Jose State University, our own urban university right in the heart of downtown, has been part of the downtown culture for over 100 years. As it transforms from a commuter university to a true urban community where students are living within 3 miles of campus, students are starting to come west of campus, livening up downtown.

Google is coming to San Jose in a very big way, solidifying what we’ve been talking about for the last decade. That’s where opportunity funds come in, as a way to expedite the vision for downtown and urban cores across the country that have been waiting to be implemented and completed.

The Urban Catalyst business plan is a concentrated approach focusing on 10-15 projects within walking distance of each other. These properties will play off each other, boosting downtown in the process, a unique setup core to the Urban Catalyst impact strategy. At the end of the day, what that means is true community impact—a place where farmer’s markets are sustainable; where people can enjoy arts and entertainment; where small businesses flourish; and residents can walk to work. The Urban Catalyst impact is aimed at creating a quality of life ecosystem through a specific portfolio of projects. It’s all about people—more people, more vibrancy, and a higher quality of life.

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