Key Takeaways from our Expert Series Webinar Featuring Reid Thomas from NES Financial, a JTC Company

by Angela S. Hwang, on Sep 9, 2020 11:51:50 AM

Missed our recent webinar featuring Reid Thomas, Chief Revenue Officer and Managing Director of NES Financial, a JTC Company? We got you covered. 

Reid shared his insights about current Opportunity Zone trends and why OZs are “the right initiative at the right time.”

Here are the key takeaways: 

  • Pandemic panic led to a stock sell-off in March that generated significant profits for the sellers, who now are sitting on sizable taxable gains. They could invest those proceeds into an OZ Fund like Urban Catalyst and receive a capital gains tax benefit. 
  • The economy is resetting, making this an exciting time for investors with stock-heavy portfolios to diversify into alternative investments such as real estate.
  • Investors are looking at OZ Funds as an attractive investment vehicle to make their dollars count and to make a measurable social impact. 

Reid also pointed to current trends that suggest a promising future for OZs: 

  • A survey of OZ stakeholders in June found that 58% of respondents felt optimistic about the initiative’s long-term future.  
  • Because of the slowing economic cycle, construction costs that skyrocketed during the last decade are starting to stabilize and even decrease. 

“All those things together make the time right for collaboration with municipalities and working together to revitalize communities and create jobs,” Reid said. 

About NES Financial, a JTC Company: NES is the leading provider of third-party administrative solutions to U.S. impact investment sectors. NES’ unique financial data technology helps Urban Catalyst track its course and provide timely and transparent updates to our investors.

Did you know all our OZ webinars are available on demand? Be sure to check them out, and as always, contact us if you’d like to learn more. 

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