Webinar: How to Shelter Your Gains Using Opportunity Zone Investing

by Erik Hayden, on Mar 24, 2021 2:37:50 PM

Have you recently sold stock, or are planning to sell, but don’t want to pay the hefty taxes? You can diversify your portfolio and get tax advantages by investing into real estate through the Opportunity Zone program. After all, nearly 70% of Urban Catalyst investors had a capital gains event that was the sale of stock – they trust us to keep their dollars safe. 

In our latest webinar, Urban Catalyst Founder Erik Hayden and EVP of Investor Relations, Morgan Mackles, break down the benefits of the Opportunity Zone tax program for investors. 

If you’re ready to defer and potentially avoid paying capital gains taxes, press play!


Investors have many reasons why they’re diversifying into commercial real estate through Opportunity Zone investments, and market volatility is no exception. Many investors from the likes of Tesla, Apple, Google, Zoom and more have turned to our Fund today for a better tomorrow. 

Uncover answers to all your questions like: 

  • Where our investors work - 3:50
  • Urban Catalyst Investor profile - 6:50 

  • Federal short-term and long-term capital gains rates - 8:15 

  • OZ fund tax benefits - 9:35

  • 180-day deadline and what that means - 11:25 

  • Why invest in real estate? 15:05 

  • Why San Jose? - 18:40 

  • What's the update on Google's San Jose mega campus?- 22:39
  • Fund I success  - 25:24
  • Fund II - Icon/Echo - 26:40 

  • Investment timeline - 31:18
  • Is Bitcoin an eligible capital gain ? - 52:10

  • Bonus shares for Fund II - 52:35

We are committed to revitalizing downtown San Jose while helping investors reach their goals. Contact us to reap the benefits today! Fund II is now open. 

If you had a capital gains event in 2020 (and on or after October 4, 2019), you have until March 31, 2021, to invest those gains into an Opportunity Zone Fund like Urban Catalyst. 



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