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Angela S. Hwang Jun 10, 2020 10:49:31 AM 1 min read

Erik Hayden Writes About Developing Community-Focused OZ Funds in Propmodo


Erik’s thought-provoking article A Grassroots Approach to Developing Community-Focused Opportunity Zones,” explores the positive impacts of new urban development when it is carefully integrated into the existing fabric of a community. Propmodo, a publication covering innovative commercial real estate news and trends, published the article.

Paul-Ring-SVO“I am often asked what it takes to revitalize overlooked communities and pave a path for the city and its residents to have a vibrant future. How do you leverage Opportunity Zone (OZ) programs to curate an underserved urban ecosystem like downtown San Jose and achieve the true intent of the program?” Erik writes.  

Highlights of the article also include the following: 

  • Local-first developers already have boots-on-the-ground experience and a track record within their community. As a result, they can seamlessly engage and collaborate with stakeholders like neighborhood leaders, community groups, city planners, and politicians.
  • The ultimate key to a successful OZ development? Meeting the community’s needs while also building investment returns that attract the capital to fund the project.
  • “Opportunity Zones are playing a new and important role in communities, and the program could very well prove to be the right tool needed at a historic moment in time for this country,” noted Erik.

Read his full article here.