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Urban Catalyst Blog

Erik HaydenApr 20, 2023 1:54:48 PM6 min read

Missed our webinar on how to potentially shelter capital gains using opportunity zone investing? We’ve got you covered

Every few months, we host a webinar to remind prospective and current investors how ...
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Erik HaydenDec 19, 2022 3:12:24 PM7 min read

Why invest in an OZ Fund?

Elsewhere on our website we provide a look at the legislation that established ...
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Erik HaydenDec 6, 2022 3:22:51 PM5 min read

Reasons to Invest in OZ Funds: Portfolio Diversification

There are lots of reasons to invest in real estate through a Qualified Opportunity Zone ...
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Erik HaydenNov 2, 2022 12:50:39 PM7 min read

Proposed new OZ Legislation should be good for investors

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that established Opportunity Zones (OZs) will be five years old ...
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Erik HaydenOct 14, 2022 1:29:44 PM5 min read

what the 180-Day Rule Means

When it comes to Opportunity Zone investing, it’s important to remember that there’s a ...
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Erik HaydenSep 13, 2022 1:45:06 PM5 min read

Sold a business? Here’s how you may defer your capital gains taxes

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Erik HaydenSep 7, 2022 8:20:09 AM5 min read

When it comes to fundraising, Urban Catalyst is a Top 5% Fund

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Erik HaydenJun 2, 2022 11:42:01 AM7 min read

You Asked and we Answered: Five Questions about Opportunity Zones

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Erik HaydenMay 2, 2022 1:33:02 PM5 min read

2021 tax time has passed - let's get ready for next year's tax season!

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Erik HaydenApr 26, 2022 9:50:16 AM5 min read

Delivering Quality Cake Beneath the Frosting

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